OOO Entechgaz (Entechgaz Ltd.)

OOO Entechgaz (Entechgaz Ltd.) is a Russian private company founded in 1992 with the participation of OOO "Research Institute for Natural Gas and Gas Technologies" (OOO VNIIGAZ).

OOO Entechgaz's activities are maily focussed on:

  • development of new methods of quality analysis of natural gas to be produced or transported
  • development of technologies of gas processing and methods of building gas processing units
  • market research and techno-economic and ecologic studies in gas processing and natural gas derivatives

OOO Entechgaz supplies chemo-analytical and energy equipment of domestic and foreign make to OAO Gazprom, OAO FSK YeES (Federal Electricity Company) and other companies of Russia's fuel and energy sector. OOO Entechgaz is also a dealer and representative of foreign and domestic companies for supply of equipments and software from various sources.

OOO Entechgaz is a member of Trade and Industry Chamber of Moscow and of Non-commercial Partnership of "National Gas-Motor Association".